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What are the dimensions of the pillow?

The Necklow Sleep pillow is plus size: 22in x 13in x 5in (55cm x 34cm x 13cm).

Does the pillow help reduce snoring?

Yes! The Necklow pillow helps alleviate snoring. Our signature contour design alleviates stress on your neck and spine, allowing you to breathe easier. When you sleep with perfect posture, your head and body are aligned, allowing your airways to open

Does the pillow help relieve neck and back pain?

Yes, the pillow consists of 8 million micro air spheres that optimally support your neck during sleep.

Is this pillow breathable or does it get hot?

The Necklow pillow is made up of super breathable fabric, so it stays cool and does not get hot.

Can the pillow be washed?

Yes, specially coated Micro Airballs do not absorb water, making them quick and easy to wash. Simply toss it in the washing machine and hang dry it in a well-ventilated area!

I have sleep apnea and I am using a CPAP machine/mask. Will the pillow work for me?

The Necklow pillow will work perfectly with people who use a CPAP machine while sleeping. A lot of our users found the pillow helped with their sleep apnea.

Can I get the Necklow pillow on other stores?

No! The Necklow pillow is exclusive to our store and not available elsewhere. It is a high-quality product and bigger than other pillows.

Can I travel with the Necklow pillow?

Yes! The Necklow pillow is made of light air balls, so it is very soft and lightweight.

Does the pillow make any noise when you move your head to shift sleeping position?

No! The Necklow pillow does not make any noise at all. The Micro Air balls do not make any sound.

Is the pillow certified?

The Necklow Sleep Pillow promotes good sleep posture, is perfect for sensitive skin, and is easy to keep clean. We have a certification of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, one of the world's best-known labels for textiles, that ensures that all our material